Why Doomed?

What drove us to start the gallery was the realization that there was no platform for artists to express themselves with the medium of photography outside of representative photography.

It has become second nature to think of the photograph as a perfect simulation of the real, the apparatus having superseded the eye, the resulting image only playing the part of a product on an increasing market of homogenized ideas of the world. Our aim is to dig through this illusion of objective truth mainly serving commercial interest to find a personal vision, to expand in the multi-personality of the medium, in short, go beyond shoot, click and make over, into the realm of imagination and a definitive personal mark from the artist’s or the curator’s perspective.  We are saying photography is above all an art form in its own right.

“The camera can use any object as a stepping-stone to a realm of meaning “beyond” the object “ Clarence John Laughlin, Chicago Surrealists, 1978.

One comment

  1. neighbors@54BColvestoneCrescent


    The show is marvellous.

    Also, seeing as we all lose a bit of sleep from the wonderfully wicked all-night raves that we can hear from your back garden, please do have the courtesy to invite us too!!

    Christine and Paul and Jane and Fredrik
    54B Colvestone Crescent

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