We are interested in reaching out to the artistic community and looking for artists new, emerging or established who are pushing the limits of their medium. The emphasis is placed on  personal vision and the process by which this vision is realised. There are no criteria other than quality and invention. If you think this profile fits your practice, please send a written statement describing your work in general and outlining a specific project you wish to show with a link to your site/blog and a short bio.
We are also open to multi media artists working with video, video and sound performance to be screened or/and staged at Doomed Gallery.
Contact        Ken flaherty               
It’s very important from the outset that participants understand that as a gallery it is our policy to charge what we consider a nominal rate for the use of the space, advertising, invigilation, administration as well providing drinks on preview evenings etc. We are fully  aware that other galleries do not work on this basis .  We are not other galleries. We only take 25% commission. So we like to think we meet Artists halfway.
 Ours is based on a mutual contract. We work in a high impact way and rarely have a show for more than a week and in most cases 4 days from Thursday to Sunday. This has worked in the past and we consider this to be most fruitful.
The fee is tailored according to many factors which come to light in the process of discussing and preparing each exhibition.
The doomed gallery is keen to expand its horizons through photographic/multi media expression. We encourage novelty to combine with depth but also and as importantly, we invite the public, the collector, the curator and the artist to enjoy their creative freedom and communicate on a level ground while experimenting with space, perception and meaning. We are now looking for curators who are interested in pushing the limits of their vision and can integrate its content into this particular creative space.
There are no criteria other than quality and invention. If you feel your practice fits with our ethos, please send a statement about your project, and a link to your blog/site  to :

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