Once again, Doomed Gallery has a new programme for Photomonth 2014.


2 Oct – 5 Oct, Alternative and Analogue, Mike Crawford, Peter Moseley, Constanza Isaza Martínez, Andrés Pantoja
An exhibition of photography in a variety of analogue and alternative processes by the tutors of Lux Darkroom.

6.30pm-9pm  Terry King and Martin Newth

9 Oct – 12 Oct, Landscape, Estefania Araujo, Magali Avezou , Heather Fahy, Sarah Jarman, Janie Kidston
¨Landscape: All the visible features of an area of land, often considered in terms of their aesthetic appeal ¨
A group of five artists working around the notion of landscape. Exploring through photography and printmaking the urban and the natural scenery, creating new images that make you wander without moving.

23 Oct – 26 Oct, Twine, Tracey Mceachran,Gabriela Fabrowska and othersA strong thread consisting of two or more unique strands. We seek intimacy whilst responding to the equal desire for individuation, separateness and freedom. Twine a show from a cohort of artists; diverse and connected in equal measures. Live performance by Sound Artist Georgina Brett

30 Oct – 2 Nov, Night, Andrew Bailey, Rowena Bazlinton, Francesca Capra, Julie Dolan, Lena Heubusch, Yun Lan
Night is a time when the real and the imagined are blurred. It can be a time of darkness, dreams and nightmares to colour and hope, of self reflection to voyeurism and vulnerability. This exhibition brings together 6 new photographers and their individual interpretations of the night.
With their exhibition at Doomed Gallery, the Artists In Progress Collective is a culturally and ideologically diverse group of artists using photography to explore a range of themes and views.

6.30pm-9pm Madaleine Trigg and Lam Pok Yin Jeff

 6 Nov – 9 Nov, Fanø, Nick JS Thompson
A wound never heals so well that it leaves no scar. – Danish proverb.
Nick JS Thompson’s exploration of the many remnant structures of the Atlantic Wall on the small island of Fanø, Denmark serves to highlight the impact that they have had on the island and questions what view residents and visitors take on them.

 14 Nov – 15 Nov, Photobook Show, H Book Show, Group Show 6pm till late, Sat 11am – 5pm
Photobook show curate photobook exhibitions, events and workshops in the UK and overseas.  Our aim as an organisation has always been to show a diverse range of submitted work from all over the world. We provide a platform where published photobooks by high profile artists can sit comfortably alongside hand-made dummies and self-published work.

 20 Nov – 23 Nov, Icons of Rhetoric, Chris Barrett and researcher/writer Gianluca Spezza
Images and text that offer a different approach to documenting North Korea.
Icons of Rhetoric offers a unique, introspective look at North Korea, crafted using North Korean news footage, a smartphone, Impossible instant film and North Korean testimonies.
The project investigates the visual representation of North Korea and the contextualisation of media images; exploring the visual lexicon which permeates the often cited ‘most isolated country in the world’: North Korea.
The exhibition will see the launch of a zine containing images and text from the work in partnership with the

 27 Nov – 30 Nov, Dr Feelbad, Holly Birtles

Featuring Dr Feelgood, for this project, Holly spent time with the band as they expressed negative words on repetition, prior to performing – an exploration of the James Lange theory of Emotion. The portraits are latter transformed into large scale visceral hybrids of painting, sculpture and photography.






In 2012 for Photomonth, Doomed Gallery put up seven shows during Oct/Nov exposing 35 artists in solo and group shows. It proved to be a great success, so are very keen to do this again. Our shows usually run from Thursday to Sunday (4 days) with the opening night on Thursday.

During Photomonth2012 we purchased a piece of work by Ella Bryant who showed with the Ribbon Machine Collective which we considered the most outstanding of Doomed Photomonth. A full interview with Ella Bryant can be viewed here.
If you would like to take this opportunity to participate in Photomonth 2014, please contact Ken at

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