MNEMONIC CITY       PV 21st Sept, 6 to 9pm

The Magma team and contributing artists

Exhibition  on the 21st of Sept

The show will include painting, drawing, photography, video, wall sculpture, text, sound piece, installation, etc. based or connected to the performance the following night, introducing the theme of Plato’s cave.

Event, Performance night 22nd Sept 6 to 11pm,



Mnemonic City is exploring the idea of the city as a receptacle, taking inspiration from Plato’s Myth of the Cave. The allegory explores the relation of humankind with their environment, questioning what is real and what is appearance. The theme explores notion of identity, fragmentation and the idea of shadow

MYTHED              PV – 3rd Oct, 6- 9.30pm

Carlos S Armendariz – Chloé Meunier

3th Oct  to 7th Oct  2012, 12noon to 6pm

The exhibition presents the work of two artists exploring the prominence of personal stories in the media. Photography and video are used to highlight moral lining of our society that is reaffirmed by this blind reading of life’s surface, and all forms of imposed morality are encoded in the flux of static information advertised through a multitude of ideal imagery.

ROTTEN                 PV – Wednesday 10th Oct, 6- 9pm

Mark Stringer

Wednesday 10th Oct  to Sunday 14th Oct 2012, 12noon to 6pm



On 23rd June 1996 Mark Stringer was commissioned to cover the Filthy Lucre Tour on Johnny Rotten’s home turf, the Sex Pistols had reformed. When the moment came the security let him into a pit full of an image hungry, gladiatorial, telephoto lens waving mob. With short fast optics and a vintage analogue style, Mark came away trembling with one great picture.

ART OF IMPERFECTION           PV – Wed 17th October, 6- 9.30pm

Pascal Ancel Bartholdi, Ryuji Araki and Bernhard Deckert

Wed 17th of Oct to 28th of Oct 2012, 12noon to 6pm


This show includes three artistswho each make use of this medium with a conscious disregard for flatness, reproducibility and static design entering the quantum realm by unifying the instant and the eternal the distant and the local. Photography moving with a body, transmuted into a personal understanding of the Mandala or fathomed as receptacle of visceral and psychic phenomena, with an accolade to the Dada artists, the anonymous visionaries of medieval times and the creative shamans who painted on rocks and bodies more than 15 thousand years ago.

SUBTEXT   PV – Wed 31th

October, 6- 9.30pm

Heloise Bergman, Coral Howard and Kate Kotcheff

Curated by Bill Howard

Wed  31th October to Sunday 4th Nov 2012, 12noon to 6pm

This selection of three photographers presents a variety of approaches to subtext. Ranging in subject from behavioural patterns and conflict, ambiguity and idealization of the body, to imagined and constructed interiors spaces, they address complex themes whilst demonstrating excellent and attractive technique.

Héloise Bergman uses photography, video, installation, and performance to examine the beliefs and behavioral patterns that shape our society. In doing this, she exploresthe internal conflicts of inherited belief systems, versus
today’s media shaped society.

Coral Howard is using image to examine ambiguity, idealization of the body, glamour andthe model, by replacing the live model with the Barbie doll.

Katrina Kotcheff’s current practice focuses on the inter-play between imagined and constructed interior spaces, set against the themes of memory, history and time. She
works with photography, installation, and the moving image.

Curated by Bill Howard

SUBURBAN LIGHT   PV –   7th November,  6 to 9.30pm

Penny Dampier, Sophie Barr,Naa teki lebar, Talitha Robert

7th Nov -11th Nov 2012, 12noon to 6pm


This exhibition of new work by four London artists explores the contradictions of the suburban landscape: light and dark; interior and exterior. Brought together these images collectively evoke a yearning for a simpler past but they often hint at something darker. This is a child’s world seen through adult eyes. Works include both prints and projections innovatively installed.

FORMS         PV  Wed 14th Nov, 6- 9p.m.

14th Nov to 18th Nov 2012,  12noon to 6pm

Elisa Noguera, Emma Jane Spain, Diane Bielik, Fanny Jannsen, Monica Takvam, Ella Bryant

Ribbon Machine is a collective of artists who predominantly work with the photograph.  They share a common interest in experimenting with processes of making, each using their own methods to give physical form to emotions, perceptions and memories.       www.ribbonmachine.com


PV – 21th Nov,  6 to 9.30p.m.

Barry Sutton, Clare Bowen, Adrain Wilson, Sarah Groves.

21th Nov to 25th Nov 2012, 12noon to 6pm

From the constantly changing skies and skylines to the life that moves through its streets; from its buildings grand and shabby to the detritus that drifts and accumulates in its gutters London provides many opportunities for those with a searching eye to make images both arresting and unsettling.  This is an exhibition of the work of four contemporary Londoners who use their cameras to take fresh and vibrant glimpses of the city in which they live, work, play the city that they love.

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