Pascal Ancel Bartholdi Born in Paris, living, working and researching in London. Independent freelance press agent, Writer, photographer, artist. Completed a fine art Degree in 2000 and an MA photography in 2009. Having abandoned painting, finding in it an escape from reality, photography enabled him to ground himself in the actual. His work progressively began to encompass the two ends of this spectrum, allying the imaginary to the senses and science to poetry.  He curated Edge of Extinction, a Black and white multi media show at Lo & Behold(2011) and Art of Imperfection at Doomed Gallery (2012). Ancient art nourishes his research; these are intertwined with the fabric of contemporary visual linguistics. His growing passion for multi media and in particular animated art has resulted in the making of two animation pieces, Anthropofungus Conception, screened in London and Daemon Antarctica through the Eye Glass still in progress. Reviews, short stories, essays poetry are also part of his output, some of which have been published and can be found on the net. His practice revolves around the experience of absolute freedom in creative expression. “I wish to use photography’s limitations (the B&W traditional form) as the back bone of the transgression of this very tradition, and expand this transgressive experiment into all possible forms of lens based art.” Hence the productive collaboration between this curator/artist and Ken Flaherty, Doomed Gallery founder.

 Ryuji Araki Lives and works in London. 2006 Post Graduated with a  Diploma in Photography after completing a Photography BA  in 2005 at  London College of Communication.

Carlos  S Armendariz Born in the north of Spain, Carlos moved to London to study the photographic arts.

“I see my work as quite a personal research into our relationship with images as creators and consumers, and into how they affect the way we think and perceive reality.”

Photographer and visual artist based in London. Born in the Basque region of the north of Spain, he learnt from young age how ideas can create cultural and political tension and influence our lives in positive and negative ways. The mechanisms through which those ideas are originated will become the main subject of his artistic research. Before focusing on art his scientific career led him to work as a researcher in Berkeley (California).
Carlos’ work always start by a question.Where do our believes come from? What part do the image and the visual play on it? What happens when we are forced to confront our own self-image in an environment where private and public are mixed up? Art as research and micro lenses, polaroids and video as the tools to do so.”PRINTED” is a research into the way the media, free newspapers in this case, portraits the life of common people. How in the hands of journalists and news editors people become character of a mythological reality that influence the way we think about the others. It uses extreme macro and the creation of video based in the newspapers’ contents to subvert the journalistic rules encouraging new interpretation and ways to read them.

Sophie Barr  Grew up in the outskirts of London somewhere in the hinterland between the M25, the M1 and the A1. She was educated at Falmouth College of Art, Birkbeck College (University of London) and Kingston University. She is a practising artist with a studio at Euroart in Tottenham and teaches Visual Theory at the University of East London. Using photography, drawing, printmaking, digital manipulation, found objects and outmoded technology Sophie’s arrangements and assemblages explore the hybridity of the image in a global digital world and her own changing relationship to the photograph.

For Suburban Light Sophie presents images and objects of a life that cannot be defined as either urban or rural. The juxtaposition of artefacts, images and materials found in the domestic realm creates a poetics of the suburban. The objects in her arrangements are cheap, mass-produced materials, chosen both for their materiality and their metonymic power. Here they are arranged into new ‘collections’ which investigate the banalities, eccentricities and beauty of life on the margins of the city.

Heloise Bergman Uses photography, video, installation, and performance to examine the beliefs and behavioral patterns that shape our society. In doing this, she exploresthe internal conflicts of inherited belief systems, versus

today’s media shaped society.

Diane Bielik is a photographer based in London. In October 2011 Bielik’s work was featured in a site-specific solo exhibition in the Bradford photography festival ‘Ways of Looking’.  Her work has been published in Source Magazine, BJP online, Axisweb, The Yorkshire Post, Telegraph and Argus and in the festival catalogue, ’Ways of Looking: Evidence’ edited by Anne McNeill.

Clare Bowen

Ella Bryant is a visual artist who graduated from MA Photography at London College of Communication in 2011. Her recent exhibitions include Salon 10 at Four Corners Gallery, As I Walked Out at SVA Gallery, Counterpoise at Kingsgate Gallery, and she won an Innovations award for her participatory project, Animapping Lambeth at The Portico Gallery in 2011. In April she finished doing a year-long Emerging Artist residency at Kingsgate Workshop Trust.

Penny Dampier  was born and brought up in London… well, more accurately Enfield, that truly suburban idyll. She is a freelance photographer and practising artist, now based in East London. She was educated at the University of Mid Glamorgan and The Sir John Cass Department of Art, Media and Design, London.Penny’s photographic artwork quietly subverts the everyday and ordinary. She is seduced by the painterly qualities of analogue photography and its subtle plays of light and colour. Her prints and projections of the mundane and domestic are enigmatically beautiful.

For this exhibition Penny explores the spaces of a suburban childhood. Using analogue techniques her prints and slides suggest a melancholy feminine existence. Ghostly figures inhabit ordinary spaces but like a flashback or a dream there is no clear narrative.

Jessica Davies

 Bernhard Deckert After an apprenticeship in a stills- and advertising studio in Germany and some experiences in assisting,Bernhard starts working as self-employed photographer.Hungry to learn more he studies Photography and Media in Bielefeld, Germany,where he also works as Dean of Students and as Research Assistant.In 2006 Bernhard moves to London to study at the LCC, University of the Arts London,supported by DAAD and Koelner Stiftungsfonds.He graduates with an MA in Photography, exploring the influence of photographs on society.Bernhard lives in London and photographs for advertising, magazines, lookbooks and catalogues.

Sarah Groves

Fanny Janssen is an artist residing in London. She graduated from a Photography Degree in 2007 and ever since has worked with different mediums to achieve projects both collaboratively and independently. Her first screenplay was a collaboration with Visual artist and filmmaker Faiza Zaidi and the German composer Haushka which made it into the Short film Corner at Cannes.

 Coral Howard is using image to examine ambiguity, idealization of the body, glamour and the model, by replacing the live model with the Barbie doll.

Katrina Kotcheff’’s current practice focuses on the inter-play between imagined and constructed interior spaces, set against the themes of memory, history and time. She
works with photography, installation, and the moving image.

Chloe Menier is native of a village in the  French Ardennes, on the Belgian border. She studied art in ESAD, Strasbourg, then photography a school in Bruxelles, called “le 75”.She has lived in France and Belgium and now lives in Hackney in London.My photography work consists of meeting and capturing persons who have a way of life, that open on a different perception of the ordinary. I try to present a reading, in order to give an another picture of what already possesses an image congealed in the time and in the mental representations.:Native of a village in French Ardennes, on the Belgian border, I studied art in ESAD of Strasbourg, then photography in the high school in Bruxelles, called “le 75”. My photography work consists of meeting and capturing persons who have a way of life, that open on a different perception of the ordinary. I try to present a reading, in order to give an another picture of what already possesses an image congealed in the time and in the mental representations. Beauty queen Marilyn is seventy years old. He knows that his life is ending. His boredom and anxiety got involved in his dilemma: the question of gender. An ironic future which repeats and complicates itself into the prism of the society of spectacle that borned at the same time than he and Marilyn Monroe caracter.

Elisa Noguera graduated from MA in Photography at the London College of Communication in 2011.  Last year her work was included in Fresh Faced and Wild eyed, Hereford Photo Festival and Belfast Photo Festival. She was also shortlisted for New Contemporaries, Bar-tur award and the Brighton Photo Fringe Open text award.

Emma Jane Spain is a London based photographic artist who completed MA Photography at London College Communication in Winter 2010. Since then she has become a selected winner of the Magenta Flash Forward Emerging Photographers 2011 award and was also shortlisted for the Bar Tur award and the Brighton Photo Fringe Open text award. In August 2012 she was artist in Residence at Temporary Home, Kassel, Germany.

 Barry Sutton

Talitha Robert is an Australian artist based in Dalston, London and teaches Art and Design in HE. She studied BA Drawing at Camberwell College of Art and Design and gained a Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice in Art, Design and Communication at University of the Arts London. In 2013, she will undertake an artist/teaching residency at Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology in Bangalore. In addition to teaching and art making Talitha makes the odd pop promo!

Talitha is attracted to geometry and pattern. She deconstructs and subverts the classical Western viewpoint in her photography and film works. By pointing the lens at the sky or attaching it to furniture she undermines the privileged viewpoint of the camera user.For Photomonth 2012 Talitha will show images of suburban space, repeated and abstracted.

Monica Takvam is a visual artist and photographer living and working in London. Takvam explores social questions around individuality, mentality, perception and how people see themselves, using mainly photography, as well as tactile materials and sound. She is currently a Research Affiliate at University for the Creative Arts working on a project on perception.

 Naa Teki Lebar  is an Austrian artist and lives and works in London. She has a BA in Fine Art from the Sir John Cass Department of Art, Media & Design and is currently studying on a postgraduate course in photography at London College of Communication. The subjects in Naa Teki’s photographs are always aware that they are both subject and object of the spectator’s gaze. They are culturally displaced as well as spatially displaced within the photographic frame. Her photographs are like theatrical stages; they can be dream-like, absurd and uncanny. Paradoxically they can also appear rational and familiar. For this exhibition Naa Teki turns her camera to the outskirts of Vienna. She presents us with a personal subjective view of the city’s suburbs,  juxtaposing urban city life with a provincial idyll.


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