An exhibition featuring the work of six young artists exploring photography, film and sound.

This show is an exploration of two dimensions of life: realism and the abstract, within a variety of mediums. Considering intersection of nature, feelings and dreams; series of works represent experiences of artists through combining their visual and emotional stimuli into broken, nonsensical story lines.

We, as human beings, are independent living cells of varied particles who are able to create and recreate. We live and experience, making other beings relate to the dynamic processes in our life.
We are therefore able to create memories and build images of our own microcosmos.

The intention is to juxtapose the subconscious and conscious as two ends of a continuum.

Featured artists:
Emilija Milusauskaite
Szilvia Bolla
Ada Xiaoyu Hao
Magda Krzyszczak
Halszka Staniewicz
Hugh Smyth

PRIVATE VIEW: Thursday, 14th of May / 6pm


Friday, 15th 4pm – 8pm
Saturday, 16th 1pm – 8pm
Sunday, 17th 2pm – 6pm

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