THU18 DEC 7 p.m.
A Celebration of Hysteria @ Doomed Gallery Dalston
We have investigated and documented the symptoms of hysteria and discovered the cause for the phenomena in question. In the great majority of cases, however, we did not fully succeed in identifying the exact composition of the disease, no matter how detailed reports might have been. The cause of this could be partly because we had to deal with cases where patients were disagreeable to our prognoses and often they really could not recall the events of hysteria. It was not uncommon for patients to have no inkling of the connection between their symptoms and the pathological phenomenon of hysteria. It was generally necessary to hypnotize the patients and reawaken the memory of that time in which the symptom first appeared, and we thus succeeded in exposing that connection in a most precise and convincing manner.
Join us in our celebration of the discovery of hysteria with a selection of poetry readings and performances at Doomed Gallery featuring:

Hosted by Dr. RAE LANH and Miss BJØRK L

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