DR FEEL BAD @ DOOMED GALLERY 27/11/14 Open 6-late

The Doomed Gallery presents the Photographic series Dr Feel Bad. The body of work consists of a number of manipulated photographic portraits taken of the 70s British rock band Dr FeelGood, prior to performing. Artist Holly Birtles requested the band to express negative words on repetition backstage, and photographed the consequential facial expressions. Birtles explores the themes of expressive extremities often through performative acts such as her last project 1F Opera Series. By requesting Dr Feel Good to repeat negative words, the images construct and mimic the James Lange Theory of Emotion – which suggests the performance of an expression causes emotional activity only after cognitive evaluation of the event. 
The body of work is presented through a combination of photographic prints and stop frame animations. Each portrait is defaced through visceral mark making via mix media, including the incorporation of digital shapes. Birtles toys with the notion of tactility and three dimension in the flat photographic print, which manifests in these images via the inclusion of clay, boobs, footballs and bums! The exhibit will present both portraits and abstracts exploring digital manipulation and reductions of sculptural objects through re-photographing. 
The elaborate production of these dramatic and theatrical photographs is fundamental to the attention Birtles pays to tactile and sensory perception lost in a two dimensional space. The images become temporary sculptures when built up layer by layer using: various paints, graphite, clay, pastels, pen and balloons. Birtles reduces these sculptures back into photographs, through a complex darkroom and digital based procedure of: printing, manipulating, printing, rephotographing, manipulating, re photographing and printing. The exhibit presents an array of reworked imagery, all of which remains solely photographic.

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