(Photo by Eleanor Bleier)

We caught up with I HATE THE BLUES Curator Eleanor Bleier about her up and coming group exhibition. The exhibition opens on the 7th of Aug.

DG – This is the first exhibition you have curated, What interests you about the curation?

EB ~Honestly, I get obsessed with peers’ work and I think it deserves to be shown.

How did you come up with the theme of this exhibition?

~I enjoy sorting photos by color and it looks very pleasing to me. Nick Garcia (of Nighted) is very color-heavy in the layout of all his books and zines, and I think that played a huge part when planning as well.

There is such a wide range of photographers within the exhibition, how did you come up with the list?

~I chose artists who work heavily in color, but I did not want all the same style of photos. I think there is a good mix of documentation and extremely intentional work. There are definitely a lot of photographers involved with a very ‘shoot from the hip’ style, which resonates with me, but I wanted a mix, especially to see how the color theme worked out. A lot of the artists chose blue or red, which I think will look great together. I know about 50% of everyone in real life, most I have met through admiring their photos or working together on other exhibitions, so I knew they were good to work with and would be down to work on this.

Do you think you will be curating more in the future? If so, what plans do you have?

~I would love to! I have some loose plans rumbling around my brain, but staying focused on the project at hand/ travel plans in Europe first.

What have been some of your favorite exhibitions this year and why?

~I really enjoyed The Coven’s group exhibition in Oakland called ‘Girlhood.’ Cheyenne Sophia, Vivian Fu, and Laurence Philomene (who are in ‘I Hate the Blues’) were also in this show. It was at a space in Oakland that was painted candy colors and I thought it went well with all the work, like it was meant to be hung there. I don’t go to as many exhibitions in San Francisco as I should, I was working overtime for a long time and traveling on the weekends. My favorite exhibition that I have been a part of to date was this year though, February in Seattle, the Nighted group show (which also has a few crossover artists to this one). There was a great turnout and everyone in Seattle was extremely positive, it was just a good experience.

If you could curate an exhibition with one photographer before the world blows up, who would it be with and why?

~Someone young. All the greats have already been shown a lot, which is well deserved, but come on, the world is blowing up.

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