Book Launch and Exhibition One Night only Modern Movement By Tom Kavanagh This Friday 16th  ……… 6 Onwards

47 beautiful portraits of Berlin’s finest captured by Tom Kavanagh 

have now been published by Modern Movement. 

400 hand-numbered copies are now elegantly presented, giving us an insight into what is the true underbelly of berlin.

The Modern Movement book is also accompanied by an 18-track compilation of artists in the publication: Velvet Condom, Jemek Jemowit, Mueran Humanos, Sixth June, Petra Flurr, and more – curated and produced by Jen Ellerson and aufnahme+wiedergabe. Have a listen.

“A beautiful snapshot of a sub-culture in flux. The MM book is part of the passionate pursuit of promoter Jen Ellerson to document a piece of recent Berlin history. Throughout the past few years the 47 faces within have been responsible for maintaining Berlin’s legacy as one of the most creatively diverse cities in the world." 

– James E. Murphy / The Almighty Wire 

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