A collaboration between Young Shot and On Point, two websites which place an emphasis on new and exciting photography, Young Blood, Old Shot will showcase the work of young photographers who still use analogue cameras and techniques.

In a virtual and digital era, the exhibition takes contemporary photography off the screen and will showcase work from 24 up and coming photographers from around the world. The work spans a wide range of genres, but is tied by the intent to create aesthetically bold and creative documents of the photographer’s individual environments.

About Young Shot:

Young Shot is a platform which aims to showcase and inspire the work of photographers under the age of 25, it places an emphasis on subject matter and strong aesthetics while promoting the importance of printed content


About On Point:

A site with the aim of showcasing a range of work from photographers and other creatives.  Working to create collaborative projects, shows, and zines with a D.I.Y approach.



Alex Morvan

Ana Catrina Pinho

Andrea Acosta

David Lurvey

Giorgi Nebeiridze

Ina Niehoff

Tom Coleman

Josh Cockroft

Luke Porter

Marta Verheyen

Ruth McMillan

Milo Belgrove

Sam Bush

Billy Allpress

Isabelle Anderson

Dario Utchi

Mekael Dawson

Julie Grace Immink

Juan Madrid

Christopher Kennerly

Gray Brame

Marcel Rollock

Oliver Udy

Jon Salazar

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