The Photocopy Club presents Space Is Ace at Doomed – one night only


On February 13th at 6:30pm Space Is Ace and The Photocopy Club are collaborating on a one-night only show at Doomed Gallery, 65-67 Ridley Road, Dalston.


The Photocopy Club produce regular exhibitions featuring photocopied/xerox photographs from photographers around the world. The Photocopy Club aim to get photography off the Internet and get printed matter back in the the hands of the public. TPC believe that photocopying is one of the cheapest ways to get photography printed, and a re inspired by zine culture.

Check out The Photocopy Club Vimeo to see examples of their past exhibitions;


Space Is Ace hold regular events in which they express fascination with the universe, and we regularly invite like-minded artists, musicians, scientists and technologists to work with us. Space Is Ace have previously collaborated with super / collider, The Arts Catalyst and MEOW.

Space Is Ace is keen to rework the tired and overly formal private view format, instead welcoming playfulness and experimentation. Space Is Ace believe that audiences engage with our ideas in an immersive and interactive environment. In previous shows, we have achieved this by inviting sound artists who attempt to recreate the sounds interpreted by NASA’s Space Voyagers. We have also created light installations, data visualizations and even an edible solar system!

The Space Is Ace Collective was born from the first ever year of the MA Art and Science degree at the prestigious Central Saint Martins.

Louise BeerLauren FranklinMelanie KMarta Santuccio, Jj HastingsDaniela de Paulissuper/colliderJennifer CrouchJo BradfordAdam FerrissKate KnowldenMatt FieldingElena ColmanWon Ki SeoSarah Hull and David Turner 

With sounds from:
The Fractal Skulls and Die Die Die

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