Glitch – An exhibition dedicated to misuse and meddling


One night only on Saturday 14 December from 7pm, Glitch celebrates analogue technology of the Twentieth Century, a golden era when most of us understood how things worked and could fix things ourselves. In this exhibition, artists have taught themselves the rules of how something works and then deliberately misused the technology to create artwork that is beautiful and unique.

Exhibiting and Performing Artist Adam Brown describes his work as;  “Noisy, glitchy and fun, … art which explores ideas of permanence, memory and technology, yelling ‘to hell with progress!’”

Join us on Saturday 14 December from 7pm

See London Alternative Photography site for more information.  Curated by Melanie King.  Artists – Adam Brown, Daniela De Paulis, Alex Gilmour, Dario Villanueva, Sam Bartle, Blue Tapes, MelanieK, Lizz Brady and David Blackmore.


Daniela De Paulis uses the Dwingeloo Telescope in The Netherlands to bounce digital images off of the moon, which then corrupts the resulting image. Daniela is planning a live transmission for Glitch using images of nuclear bombs as part of her Moon Relay project.

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