Space Is Ace, Thurs 3 Oct, 6:30pm, one night only


Doomed Gallery is proud to be part of World Space Week with this next exhibition!

The Space Is Ace Collective was born from the first ever year of the MA Art and Science degree at Central Saint Martins. The core members of the collective are: – Melanie K, whose research and arts practice is focused on cosmic bubbles and foams, considering multiverse theory, inflation theory and the idea that the universe may just be a quantum fluctuation from nothingness. Melanie also makes prints using ultraviolet light from our nearest star.  – Louise Beer creates minimal light sculptures and abstract light photography through her exploration of the idea of self vs. space and the fundamental implications that our level of consciousness has on the universe.  – Lauren Franklin‘s practice examines various physical and metaphysical relationships between time, form and space, primarily working with film, new media and technology.  – Marta Santuccio whose research is about consciousness and the connection between the universe and human spirituality. She explores parallel dimensions of the self by creating immersive environments, performances and text.  Space Is Ace kicks off World Space Week with their first ever gallery exhibition!

Great art jolts us into a new way of viewing the world, and The Space Is Ace Collective aims to do just that. They want to bring together all those who look up to the skies and see what is really out there; the great big rock in the sky hung only by cosmic gravity, points of light which were sent to us millions of years ago, the giant swirling ball of gas from which we were made. Space Is Ace holds regular events in which  our fascination with the universe is explored, and they regularly invite like-minded artists, musicians, scientists and technologists to work with them.

Inspired by The Machine Project in Los Angeles, Space Is Ace is keen to rework the tired and overly formal private view format, instead welcoming playfulness and experimentation.

Expect – A strobing light installation from Louise Beer. – Projections from Lauren Franklin and Dario Villanueva  – A special performance from Marta Santuccio – Prints by Melanie K – Sounds from Memorial Bench  – DJ Sets inspired by sounds of space, inspired by Voyager’s interpretation of radio waves.

Space Is Ace Merchandise on sale here;

Doors Open: 6:30pm. Performances start: 7.30pm.

One night only – Thursday 3 October, 6:30pm till late at Doomed Gallery

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