Through the Eyes of Others

ImageFive emerging artists present Through the Eyes of Others at Doomed Gallery from Thursday 20 June through to Sunday 23 June.  This diverse group uses collage, projection, sculpture and photography to express their view of the world.

 “Harry Hurlock is a conceptual artist who uses a wide range of mediums in his practise. The line between documentation and art photography is blurred in his work as a critique of the temporary nature of photography in the way that one ‘takes’ a photograph, implicitly stealing something which is not their own”

Both a painter and photographer, Ellen Rose is fluent across a range of mediums. Her work consists of experimenting with image; using drawing, collage and digital editing she manipulates, contrasts and removes them from their original contexts to explore the effects of the clash of image that occurs in mass media.

Leon Eckert  is a traveller who has documented his life with his camera, capturing moments, scenes, people and places to exciting effect. His most recent series; “Here and Gone” superimposes exposures of the beginning and the end of a plane flight to capture the essence of the journey undertaken.

Beatrice Lorigan’s work has often dealt with the subjects of femininity and sexuality. Her recent work explores the engendering of spaces; the predominantly ‘male’ space of the artist’s studio being invaded by the feminine, which she portrays in sculptural, photographic and textile form.

Pascal Colman‘s work  is based around the idea of self-reflexivity. Combining 35mm photography and text he create a visual stream of consciousness that results in a portrayal of the artist. 

Opening evening of Through the Eyes of Others – all welcome – Thursday 20 June from 6pm.  Gallery opening times – Friday 21 June 4-8pm, Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 June 12-8pm.

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