The G8 summit is coming to Northern Ireland in June. Anti-capitalist protests will be taking place. The Photocopy Club response? An exhibition called RIOT – in Dalston at Doomed.

“The Photocopy Club is a platform for all photographers to get their work off the internet and into a gallery. We want RIOT to be as open as possible, you can even bring your work down on the day and put it up on the wall. So get outside and start documenting, DIY or DIE.” – Matt Martin, organiser.

Photographers Henry Langston, Justin Leighton, Brian David Stevens and Marc Vallée will be doing a Q&A on the night.

Bring your zines to sell or swap on the night. Any subject. Any size or edition. Big or small.

The Photocopy Club
“The Photocopy Club is a DIY collective that holds exhibitions that features photocopying photography from photographers from around the world. We get photography off the internet and back into your hands”, Matt Martin, Marc Vallée and TPC crew.

One day only – Saturday 15 June – from 6pm 

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