Ghost Theory: 15-19 May : Part 3 of the Deleted Season at Doomed

Third and final show of the Deleted Season at Doomed – it’s going to be a big one!

Ghost Theory : final show of the Deleted Season

Gallery work inspired by street art

Building on the techniques and obsessions of Street Art, Ghost Theory features eight artists’ work who outside of the mainstream and use a variety of media to comment on the world around them and present their own personal truths. With stencils, graffiti, paste-ups, photography, collage and painting – Sean Savant and friends bring voices from the outside into the gallery with a collection of stunning images.

Artist biographies:

Savant has been creating images for many years, producing zines and designing a street wear range along with painting and collages. His work explores the situationist aesthetic, commenting on the status quo using densely built collages and large spray painted pieces.

Shuby uses print, collage, paint and photography to create original reinterpretations that revel in absurdity, kitsch and irony. She works in a wide variety of mediums including paint, print making, ceramics and reworking found objects. She has also made a large amount of street art that includes paste ups, stencils and spray painted shutters.

Jonny Arnold is primarily a stencil artist using spray paint and pastels both on the street and on used or found objects – inspired by an aesthetic that arouses feeling to create beautiful and sometimes thought-provoking works.

Hubbawelcome are a collective of contemporary and street artists based in East London. Their work is inspired by online culture and the psychology of growing up in the information age. They create prints, installations and illustrations exhibiting themes of loneliness, isolation, compulsion and death.

Toby (UK44) is a graphic artist who produces high-impact but strange creations of digital and screen-printed imagery. His work appears on the streets/online and in print across Europe and the UK. Toby is working in collaboration with Thad Skews. Thad is a conceptual multi-media artist, illustrator and sculptor. His work has been featured on music posters and packaging as well as French beer labels!

Neil Delete is a street artist and photographer who has been cutting and painting large-scale stencils for decades. His work combines traditional graffiti skills with the detailed definition that stencils allow. His work explores issues around the culture of fear that targets young people in our society.

The exhibition opens on Wednesday 15 May, join us for the opening evening 6-9pm. Exhibition hours are 4-8pm on Thurs 16 and Fri 17, 12-8pm on Sat 18 and Sun 19 May.

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