Hello everyone – 

The photocopy club RIOT is now open for submission.
OK, so with this project they want photography that documents the changes in this world.
They don’t just want a photo of some kid in a balaclava smashing the state. They want photos from all over the world of people standing up for something they believe in. If you have photos from any protests about human rights, School fees, Jobs, Hospitals, politics, sexuality, housing, benefits, anti fascist, animal rights and anything more please send them to the Address below
This is not just for UK photographers – This is for photographers all over the world to show what is going on in their country, in their city, in their lives. This is a platform for you show the world as you see it.
All submissions must be printed as black and white photocopies/xerox’s. A4 – A0 in size. 
Please send your submissions to:
The Photocopy club
Unit D and E Level 2 South
New England House
New England Street
East Sussex
All submission will be photographed and put up on the website. The deadline is the 10.6.13
The Photocopy club RIOT will be held in London on the 15.6.13 
Spread the word – TPC
Thank you for you support.
Matt – The Photocopy club


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