The Deleted Season at Doomed Gallery: “Voices from the Outside”

Notorious east London graffiti artist and photographer Delete is organising three exciting new shows at Doomed Gallery in May that will bring work from new artists into the gallery space for the first time.

“Back to the Walls” (1 to 5 May) – Graffiti photography from some of the best in town
Funeral by Delete
Following their highly popular show at the ICA in 2011 (including the most successful opening night in the history of the gallery!) members of the London Walls crew are back with new graffiti and street art photography from the snappers known as Delete, NoLionsInEngland, Leeone102, HowAboutNo, and Buddz909. Documenting the ephemeral graffiti and street art that constantly ebbs and flows across our streets, rooftops and tracksides – “Back to the Walls” brings together top quality photographs which capture the work of London’s finest writers, bombers and street artists.

“Putting out a fire with petrol” (8 to 12 May)– A six month project exploring the interplay of images and text
Flow by Eleanor Durrant
From a diverse collection of seven new writers and artists across the UK who are working with each other for the first time, this project features a series of dynamic interpretations of how a photograph can inform text or how words can inspire an image in a sometimes playful – and sometimes beautiful – symbiotic relationship.

“Ghost Theory” (15 to 19 May) – Gallery work inspired by street art
Ghost Theory by Savant
Building on the techniques and obsessions of Street Art, this show features eight artists work who outside of the mainstream and use a variety of media to comment on the world around them and present their own personal truths. With stencils, graffiti, paste-ups, photography, collage and painting – Sean Savant and friends bring voices from the outside into the gallery with a collection of stunning images.

Preview nights 6-9pm
Show times, Thurs – Fri 4-8pm, Sat – Sun 12-8pm


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