Better Not Tell You Now – Joe Skilton / Last Two days. 4pm till 8pm

doomedsignblogThis is a show formed from an obsession with chance.
It’s autobiographical by default, but that’s not the message I’m interested in. I’m not documenting, nor am I telling you the story of my 23 years. I’m interested in images and our interaction with them, why is form beautiful? What can the still image tell me about fate?
I’ve captured temporary tensions and moments of personal stress. I want a sense of balance, I want anything that offers a glimpse into the past or reveals hints of a future. Surfacing realisations and a sense of inclusion through photography.
What I long for with this work is not important to how you view it. I don’t have a fixed message. The need to speak, even if one has nothing to say, becomes more pressing when one has nothing to say! I’m obsessed with hints, clues, symbols, with chance and fate.betternottellyounowblog

As Adams writes in Why People Photograph: “Calculation only gets you so far, smart is okay, but lucky is better”doomed posterblog
Limited Doomed Edition available

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