The Art of Imperfection: Preview This Wednesday 6-9p.m

Negative/Positive, the unpredicted permutations of the Photographic phenomenon

Music performance by Itamar Henry

Show open From  17. to 28 Oct Wed to Sunday, 12 – 8 pm

 This show explores the ambiguous and ambivalent photographic medium with a conscious disregard for flatness, reproducibility and static design entering the quantum realm by unifying the instant and the eternal the distant and the local, the probable and the uncertain. Misty photography moving through with a body, transmuted into a personal understanding of the Mandela through composition and natural forms or fathomed as a receptacle of visceral and psychic phenomena, with an accolade to the Dada artists, the anonymous visionaries of medieval times and the creative shamans who painted on rocks and bodies more than 15 thousand years ago.

 Curated by Pascal Ancel Bartholdi New work by the 3 of the artists: Pascal Ancel Bartholdi, Ryuji Araki, and Bernhard Deckert….mind boggling collection of ‘antigrain’ photography, not to be missed! So, come and taste some real stuff of the walls, called mistakenly: Photography…now renamed Photomorphosis.


One comment

  1. Anneliese

    So happy to have discovered this place on my way home tonight; a mind opening and insightful collection of work, each photographer’s work complimenting the next…each set of images deepening the experience as a whole. I’d entirely recommend a visit.

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