Private View  This Wednesday 3rd Oct

Come and support Doomed Gallery. Our PVs are fun and un-pedantic. You can relax for a drink and a bit of culture on the side. This is our opening night for photomonth. We have seven shows in all, each PV on every Wednesday and we would be delighted to see you. So, just drop in and enjoy this thought provoking show.

MYTHED with two multi media artists Chloé Meunier and Carlos Armendariz,

Doomed Gallery PV – 3rd Oct, 6- 9.30pm

3th Oct  to 7th Oct  2012, 12noon to 8pm

In Chloé Meunier’ s vision, Marilyn is a spectator of her own presence and the murderer of an impulse whose image is immortalised for a brief instant of actualisation and has also turned into his or her own spectacle. This is also exemplified in the broken super magnified images of eyes by Carlos Armendariz, but also by the combination of an art based on sensitivity , a humane rapport with the subject, and empathy in Meunier’ s work, and a colder more clinical and detached approach in Armendariz’ s, two ambiguously antagonistic visions brought to collide in one space, the creative playground of Doomed Gallery.

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