Doomed Gallery is pleased to present a new show

Art of Imperfection :Negative/Positive,

the unpredicted permutations of the photographic phenomenon

16.05.2012  to  03.06.2012  

weds to sundays only. hours 12 til 6

65/67 Ridley Road Market, Dalston, Hackney

Curated by Pascal Ancel Bartholdi and ken flaherty

This show includes three artists, Pascal Ancel Bartholdi, Ryuji Araki and Bernhard Deckert who each make use of the ambiguous and ambivalent photographic medium with a conscious disregard for flatness, reproductibility and static design entering the quantum realm by unifying the instant and the eternal the distant and the local, the probable and the uncertain. Photography moving with a body, transmuted into a personal understanding of the Mandala through composition and natural forms or fathomed as a receptacle of visceral and psychic phenomena, with an accolade to the Dada artists, the anonymous visionaries of medieval times and the creative shamans who painted on rocks and bodies more than 15 thousand years ago.

Ken Flaherty opened Doomed Gallery in Dalston in 2003 to showcase emerging artists who primarily exploit photography in occasionally extra-ordinary ways and against the (static) grain.

 Ryuji Araki Lives and works in London.

Each object that I create has a human perspective, as you could imagine every object having a different appearance of style and feeling.  These objects were composed with the thought of a particular position in society.

All creatures have their own consciousness and an irreplaceable lifetime. It is hard to think there is a solution, a better future for our society, however we cannot go back to the past; we, as humanity, will advance into the future”

Bernhard Deckert studied Photography inGermany where he focussed on abstract photography and photographic concepts. He took part in various exhibitions and symposia. In 2006 he moved toLondon and gained an MA in photography at LCC, university of the Arts,London in 2007. Since then Bernhard works in his own studio inLondon, practising commissioned photography as well as his own projects.

“I never believed in ‘the truth’ of the photographic media. The so-called pencil of nature is only a projection of one truth, we chose lenses and emulsion, film, paper, etc to mime what we see as true with our own eyes, or better what our brain makes out as reality.

I started working on contact-prints, 1:1 imprints on photographic paper and I used my own body as subject to explore the difference between posing in front of a camera to being directly in touch with the surface of the image.

In a very restricted way these images are true and perfect – but again, by practising the technique, the image-maker gains control over the process and the escape from the truth becomes rather tempting!

Every print is unique, there’s no failure and no perfect picture.

Pascal Ancel Bartholdi lives and works inLondon. His research revolves around the paradox of personal reality versus institutional realism, the ambiguity and ubiquity of the photographic image while concentrating on the marginal question of emotive and psychic content intrinsic to visual expression in general and photography in particular. His projects include monochrome chemical transformations, short cine-animations as well as stories, essays, performance and curatorial experiments. He exhibits regularly as part of a wider form of psychological and cultural exploration.

“The images included here reflect the theme of the show which is also an extension of my practice. They derive from several series and are brought together as a new combination of notes, a deliberate improvisation balanced between asymmetry, physicality, disintegration and affirmation.”

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